Home Security Cameras

Today many homes have smart home automation products. There is a smart home lock system which uses your phone to open and close the entrance door rather than a physical key. There is a ring doorbell that allows you to see who’s out there and speak to the person without opening the door. There is a smart fire alarm and carbon monoxide detector, light bulbs, garage door opener, and thermostats. There are various wifi home appliances. All of them are meant to make your life easy and simple by talking to Google Assistant, Siri, and/or Alexa – the voice command system. Most of them are nice. But the essential product to the smart home automation is a security camera. I want to talk about the importance of the security camera.

Companies like Nest, Arlo, Samsung, and many more are focusing on making security cameras. Basic security cameras do one thing – it can detect the movement of the people walking around your house and alerts you that someone is there. Why is this important? Let’s say you are away for a vacation with the family. Nobody should be around your home area. But you get an alert saying that someone is in the front of the house. Unless it’s a post office delivery man, he/she shouldn’t be there and you can notice your neighbor or police about the person.

Speaking of the delivery, let’s say you are at work and you get an alert saying that someone was in front of the house door. You look at the video recording of the camera and notice that there is a package delivered to you. You can monitor that someone is trying to steal the package or not. The security camera can be a good evidence when there is a burglary or dispute around your house. You can be a good citizen and help the police officer. Did I also mention that you can save money on your home insurance as well? Insurance companies love to hear that you are taking care of your house by putting up cameras. Technically you are helping them as well by putting up the cameras. There are so many good benefits of having a security camera.

The main benefit, however, is the safety of your children in the house. Security cameras are not just for the outdoor in front of the house. You can put the security cameras in the house while you are away. For example, you can have a date night with your spouse and you have a babysitter in the house. Not that you don’t trust your babysitter, you can monitor when you are away and see what the kids are doing during your absence. You can have that peace of knowing that your kids are safe.

The features of the security cameras have been improving so much over the years. Many good systems now have 1080p clear HD viewings. Many of them have cloud-based recordings of the activities, you can check the live view with your mobile phones anywhere in the world, and speakers are now built in with the alarm. I personally have Arlo security cameras and it saved me tons of headaches when I was away from the home. It’s nice to see what’s going on in the house without worrying ‘what if’ scenarios. http://www.bluelinesecurityservices.com/10-benefits-of-video-surveillance-for-your-home/

Good news is that there are many smart home security cameras are on sale right now during the holiday season. Why not pick one up for yourself or the loved ones. You will really appreciate one.