Photography Courses

I want to talk about modern photography schools in the United States. Over the years the digital world has changed the way we shop, watch, and learn things. We don’t need to go out to a big retail store to get a TV. We don’t need a cable to watch a movie. You can stream the same video and watch it on the computer. Also, we now don’t have to go to a “school” and cut down on a commute time still get fantastic learning experience right at your home. Here is one of the linkĀ where you can get your camera lesson.

You can get college credit through The New York Institute of Photography and learn photography at your own pace with affordable price. Whether it’s their hobby or expanding their knowledge in their working field, I am happy to hear that the photography community is growing larger and faster.

Through the online course, you can take the following courses.
Fundamentals of Digital Photography Course
Portrait Photography Course
Professional Photography Course
Photoshop for Photography Course
Wedding Photography Course
Photojournalism Course
Business Photographers Course

These courses are all under $1,000 which I think it’s reasonable since you are getting the lessons from accredited college institution. Regardless of what photography level you are at, the courses can make you a better photographer. I am very interested in business photographers course since I want to expand my knowledge in making money instead of taking the photos only for my hobby. Now these days, many E-commerce business owners are looking for photographers to take pictures of their items. These owners don’t have stores, so any good photos are essential for them. Let’s think about it. These photos are the only way they can convey the message to their customers to purchase the items they sell. The images are their vital factors in their business. More e-commerce business owners are now finding the importance of photography, and they are spending more budget to expand their business. Those who are looking to get into the photography business, I think you have a lot of potentials going forward.

Let’s talk about the difference between an online class and a typical class setting. First of all, an online course isn’t always the best setting for everyone. Some people may not be motivated to study or do what they are supposed to do if they are home. The key to success is to be self-motivated and disciplined to work when nobody is watching you. If this isn’t you, I recommend that going to a class may be a better fit for you. The reason is that the professor and classmates can encourage you to be motivated and “forcefully” put you in a place where you have to be there to complete your task. Secondly, the photography courses are hands-on experience course. It’s a lot easier if someone is right next to you and guide you through the settings and features while you are taking photos. New modern digital cameras don’t help you either. The cameras have a lot of key settings you’ll need to learn. Lastly, the typical class settings may encourage you to get to know people face to face. I think this is the real benefit of the actual class settings. You get to meet people and interact with them. Your social networking skills will be far higher than you may think. You never know who you are attending and what you can do with these folks. I have a friend who met his wife in a classroom. I have another friend who met his business partner. It can be a life-changing opportunity.

These are my thoughts, and I hope it helps you do determine to take either an online class or a regular class. But either way, keep learning and hope learn new skills of the photography, which is the most important thing to do!