Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

My daughter had a party with her school friends this past weekend. The kids were celebrating one of the friend birthdays. The party was held in this crazy loud playroom with slides, air tents, jumping spots, and games. While kids were having a blast, the parents dreaded being at the place, spending time doing nothing on their previous weekend. However, things got a little bit interesting when one parent brought a new instant camera to the group. Kids and parents took photos and were able to keep cherishable moments together.

The instant camera was Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera. I asked the parent about the camera and it appears it is a good investment for people with little kids like myself. Here are the top features that I heard worth mentioning in my blog. The parent mentioned that there are other Polaroid brand instant cameras and other brand ones, but he thought this camera fitted the budget and easy to use functions. I really liked the design of the camera as well.

First and utmost, the quick snap and print feature. This instant camera makes taking a photo experience super fun. Yes, you can take photos with your smartphones and digital cameras now these days. I use these techs all the time. However, the instant camera changes the experience of the moment. You are actually engaging with your family and friends. This is very important to me. When I see people taking photos with their smartphones, usually the people who are taking photos miss the opportunity to be part of the fun. The instant camera prints out the photo immediately and the photographer can engage in the conversation with their loved ones. Like I mentioned earlier in my paragraph, people were just standing and not talking to each other – this can be changed with the instant camera because everyone wants to see the image on a printed film. The printed photos are high-quality photos and you don’t need any extra wires or copy machines to get the photos.

Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera has a unique feature that uses zero ink and toner. This Zink printing technology enables you to quickly print 2×3 inches photo automatically without ink and toner. This is another reason why I think this instant camera is worth buying because you spend so much money on ink if you try to print high-quality photos from your home printer. You don’t have to buy extra items and cartridges for the photos. You can simply use the camera and the film packs. Of course, you would need to buy the film packs but it’s worth the money because you get to use them and share with your friends. Plus you aren’t wasting to buy a photo printer at home.

Lastly, the camera has a MicroSD card slide where you can expand the memory up to 32gb. This is important because you are able to store some precious moments digitally as well. If you want to simply take photos and print them later, you have the option to do that. You can still take amazing photos like any other digital cameras but you can print them instantly whenever you want. You can’t do that with smartphones or digital camera photos. I personally think the memory space should be a little bit higher, but you can’t expect something more than what it can already do under $100 budget camera.

The instant cameras are better than digital cameras or smartphone cameras because you have that option to print the photos immediately. This sounds like nothing special or a big deal, but it is! You get to experience the moment with the loved ones and you are sharing the priceless photos. The events like birthday party, wedding, engagement party, baby shower, and graduations are the most important days of people’s lives. You are spending the time to share and celebrate each other. Use the instant camera to be part of it and keep the photos that reflect your lifetime memories.