Classic Items

Yesterday, Apple has introduced the new iPhones. The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR were introduced. And oh boy they are expensive. The newest and the largest iPhone is also the most expensive iPhone (yet). It will cost you $1,500 if you want the best of the best. This will have a 512g storage. I apologize. I got carried away with this ridiculous price. Anyway, the reason why I mentioned the new tech is that I can’t help myself to think about the days when the tech stuff wasn’t costing more than $1K. I feel like the tech things that we buy now these days are all over $1k. Like phones (again), TVs, computers, digital cameras, laptops, and even earphones (some of them are now costing more than $200). I understand that these tech equipment have features that everyone wants but I am not sure if I can justify the price. This brings to my point. The classic items are better. Do you agree?

Okay. Let me explain. The classic items like the flip phones and analog cameras (35mm film cameras) don’t cost arms and legs yet they work. What is the point of using the phone? To make a call right? Why do you need to spend $1k to make a phone call? The flip phone used to be pricey don’t get me wrong, but it didn’t go over $100. You could receive a text message and make calls without any problems. Yeah yeah, it’s not a smartphone so you can’t check emails or browse the internet. However, people still had a computer. People still have computers and they can do the same thing.

Another example is the camera. I get that these new DSLR cameras are awesome. It has high-resolution mega-pixels and different lens that you can use to take photos. The photos come out much bigger without any distortion. But some of these cameras cost over $5k. $5k!!! Check one out here.
Back in the day, people used film cameras. Remember the ones that you have to put film rolls and can take only 36 shots? You also had to develop the films and wait for the photos. Yes, it may not have the best pixels to shoot the images and the features weren’t there for people to take some photos. However, let’s not forget why we use the camera. The reason is that you take the photo to remember and keep the history/memory of the things in the past. Ironically, we are now avoiding the classic items and moving onto the newest gadgets.

My final thoughts – people are looking back and regretting that the world has changed like this. Now these days, people complain that the tech items are so expensive. Also, the smartphone has changed people’s lives. People are shackled and slaved to the phone. Families are broken because husbands are spending hours on the work emails during the family vacations, moms are always on social media and not spending time with kids, kids are now looking bad things and refusing to interact with other peers. In addition, I hear that people are looking to purchase film cameras more and more in modern days because they are missing that classic photos. They miss that authentic feel for the photos. Let us not forget the old things. We will have more regrets down the road.

Samsung NSCHU680 Convoy 3 Feature Cell Phone, GrayLAMINATED POSTER Optical Film Camera Pentax 35mm Asahi Slr Japan Poster Print 24 x 36