Real Estate Photography

My friend came over the past weekend, and we were catching up with life. He seemed a little bit stressed over something, and I asked if I can help. Then he shared that his work is sending him to relocate to Canada by later this year. When I heard the news I was super sad. He has been a good friend since I moved my neighborhood. He said everything would be okay except his house. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to sell the property or rent it to someone for until the work is completed. Regardless of the decision, I told him that he needs to post his house on a website like Zillow and have a Real Estate Agent to help him to get clients.

One of the essential things to do during this transition is to take amazing photos of the property. Here are my top photography 101 lists of what to do (don’t) for Real Estate photos.

Rule number 1. Do not take photos with your smartphone camera. For the best result, I highly recommend using a DSLR camera. Some people say that the best camera is the one you carry all the time – but this does not apply to the real estate photos. This is just not going to show off the home. Any cell phone (no matter how good they are) or simple point & shoot camera cannot give you the quality and detail shots you need for house photos that you are trying to sell. A DSLR can have a broader lens to take a broader picture of your rooms. Remember, you are trying to show your house as possible than it is. The DSLR camera shoots at a 4:3 ratio while the cellphone cameras can shoot at 3:2 ratio. All it comes to make your photos wider.

Rule number 2. Use a wider angle lens. Like I mentioned above, any DSLR cameras can replace the lens with a wider lens. Look, I am not trying to say misrepresent your home. No, not. You have to be honest with your sq.ft of the house and present everything to the buyer. What I am trying to say is that you can make your rooms bigger so that the wide angles can let viewers see what to expect when they visit the house. The wider angle lens can make your home pleasing in people’s eyes than your competitors.

Rule number 3. Choose right angles that show the connection between two rooms. Whether it’s a kitchen to a living or a bathroom to a bedroom can make the buyers interested in the house more since the house appears to be opened. Now these days, people love a modern concept for their next house. A potential buyer can see the house photos and can be amazed by the architecture of the room.

Rule number 4. Try to remove your furniture as much as possible. In the light of discussing taking great photos for your house, I want to mention to all home sellers one thing. Remove your stuff. I mean your STUFF like furniture, items that belong to you, and I expect the things that you know you aren’t selling along with the house. It may be something special to you, and you may want to show off your stuff to everyone, but this may not attract a potential buyer. Trust me. Having a nice clean room and taking photos of the clean room is much better than the cluttered room. Plus it makes the room bigger.

Rule number 5. Try to take photos during daylight time. Natural lights should be used as much as possible during your shots. The rooms will look brighter, and the house will bring out its unique character through the well-reflected photos. In-direct light is the best. Anything that has direct lights will be washed out.

This is a bonus. Don’t have any person in the photos. Yes, this includes and reflection of yourself in the mirrors as well. It just looks unprofessional and looks like you took the photo without much care. I may extend this character as a homeowner who doesn’t give f*ck.

I shared these tips with my friend who is selling his house. I am sad, but I want to help him out until the end. I am confident that he will be able to find a renter or buyer without a doubt since this area is a growing community. Of course, with my excellent photo tips in Zillow as well 🙂