The definition of a selfie is simply a self-portrait photograph by the person. It’s amazing how this selfie word came into our lives and took over the social media platforms in recent years. We see many celebrities and athletes take a selfie with their friends, family, and fans. The selfie photo is personable, fun, entertaining, and even cherishable because you can make great memories of that moment with your loved ones. However, this was not the case a few years ago.

About a decade ago, selfie was a silly thing to do. It was not common for a person to stand in front of his/her smartphone camera and take a photo of themselves. Not only it looked odd, but also there weren’t that many digital cameras out there to take photos facing front. Over recent years, the camera and photography software in the smartphones improved so much that you can take excellent selfies.

The marketing played a big part as the selfie became popular in our society. There are many different products out there encouraging people to take selfies. One of them is a selfie stick.

The selfie stick looks like a long stick with a little phone mount on the top of the stick. You can place your smartphone on the mount and use a Bluetooth feature or a headphone jack, it allows you to click a button to take a photo on your smartphone without reaching for that camera button on the phone. This product became very popular because people want to take a wider angle selfie photos and capture the nice background with their face in front of it. It’s great. The stick is height adjustable so you can tweak the smartphone angle the way you like.

Many slim digital camera (I mean their smartphone). Some YouTubers are now actually making their video contents using their selfie camera on their phone. This is absolutely amazing and a game changer. People are now not buying these heavy, bulky, and expensive digital cameras to enjoy their photo hobby or work.

This trend will not stop anytime soon. The phone makers are going to make this feature superior and overcome their challenge to satisfy their customers. So my question is what about the regular digital camera and film cameras. Will people use the old analog cameras anymore? There are tones of the best cameras for filming but would they be replaced by smartphone cameras? In case if you are into taking portraits of people, we think it is still the best to use a 35mm film camera for the portraits. What would you do? Do you take a selfie with your family and friends? Will this trend change your way that you use your digital and film cameras?