Upgrading new gadgets (late 2018)

My wife is an advocate iPhone user. She loves her phone and she will never consider switching to any Android phones. Maybe it is her familiarity. She never had an Android phone so she doesn’t want to change to any new tech that she is not familiar with. She prefers using her iPhone 7 plus.

On the other hand, I am using Google Pixel 2 XL. I think this phone is better than any new iPhones that came out this year – iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. The cameras in these new iPhones are outstanding. There are so many comparison videos on YouTube how the new ones are so much better than the last year’s models – iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus. Overall, Apple makes great products and people love using their products, including my wife.

We are not upgrading our phone this year though.

The phones have become such a necessity in our lives and we love playing with it. However, the phone manufacturers are increasing the price of the phones significantly. Last year was the first year that we saw the cell phone prices hitting $1,000.

I cannot simply justify the price. I do not use Apple products because I think it is too expensive. Now the newest and biggest iPhone can cost up to $1,500, I really don’t see how anyone can justify that price. Google, too, has very expensive phones – Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL cost up to $1,100. However, the difference is in the software. Google Photo, for instance, is a free app that can store unlimited storage for your photos. If you want to keep all your photos in your iPhone, you will have to pay a hefty price on the storage each month. Also, Google makes a lot of their apps free whereas Apple makes everything paid apps.

I cannot tell people what to buy or judge people based on their preferred electronic products, but I think we need to pause and stop how many times we ‘upgrade’ our phones every year. Google Pixel 2 XL works great even after 1 year later. It’s smooth and all apps work fine. The photos come out great – there was a Google Camera update in October, and it takes awesome clean photos. Thus I cannot justify buying a new phone this year. My wife thinks the same way too. She loves her ‘old’ iPhone taking great photos and everything works fine. We both agree that these new gadgets do not have awesome technologies to justify the price. They all do the same thing.

This is where I guess my thought process is little different than many people. I am considering spending money on buying a really nice camera. I have several film cameras I play around with. Whenever I do not have my cell phone, I usually bring my film camera to take photos. Most times, I actually prefer the film camera photography because the colors on the camera bring out various color dynamic. I am waiting for the annual Black Friday sale and I’m going to try to find the best deal for the camera.